ADA Medal Awards Program

ADA is excited to support and encourage our Alberta Dressage Riders with the Rider Award Program. ADA encourages dressage supporters and participants to display this poster at equestrian venues.

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Medal Award Description and Application

ADA Medal Awards Description 2024 (Click Here)

ADA Medal Awards Application PDF (Click Here)

ADA Medal Awards Application WORD (Click Here)

2023 Rider Performance Award Recipients

  • Noreen Charabin
  • Sheri Dumonceaux
  • Tammie Fulton
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Quindy Watts
  • Alix Wellwood

2022 Rider Performance Award Recipients

  • Maya Dugas
  • Layla Hughes
  • Taryn Husky
  • Caroline Locke
  • Matthew Tate
  • Tamara Taylor
  • Jennifer Walchuck