Alberta Dressage Association
Shows and Events


Alberta Recognized & Schooling Show Dates

  April 12-13 Amberlea Meadows D...[read more]

Championship Shows

Sepember 4-7, 2014

2014 Alberta Provincial Championships
& CAADA Gold 2 Show
at RMSJ, Calgary

2014 Parkland Dressage Festival and Western Regionals

It is with regret that we announce that PA/ADA will not be hosting the September Fall Festival in 2014. Our show was typically run as either a Provincial,Wes...[read more]



Theory Class  with Chris Collins (Dressage Judge) and Sheila Wilson(Royal Farms)
March 15, 2014 at 6:30 pm Location : New Royal Far...[read more]


2014 Events

**  JANET FOY COMING TO THE RED DEER MANE EVENT EXPO APRIL 25-27, 2014  **   American FEI 4* judge Janet Foy is the dressage...[read more]


ADA Casino 2014

** ADA CASINO IS SEPTEMBER 28 & 29, 2014 AT CASINO CALGARY **   Please contact Jean Duckering at...[read more]

ADA Casino 2013

The ADA would like to send out a huge thank you to the following people who volunteered to work at the casino on January 5 & 6, 2013.  The weekend w...[read more]


ADA Meeting Dates

  AGM on Saturday, April 26th at the Mane Event site in Red Deer.  Time and exact location TBA....[read more]

Coaches and Instructors are welcome to have their names and contact information posted on this site by contacting their Area Group webmaster or
Information needed: name, contact information, locale, qualifications
Other links with coaching information are found at the end of this list.
Equnie Canada Coaching Programs
The sequence of coaching certification as revised in the last few years is: Instructor of Beginner, Competition Coach, Competition Coach Specialist (Dressage, Jumper, Hunter, Eventer), and High Performance 1 & 2 Coach. 
The EC coaching program has some 21 coaching seminars/workshops launched at this time.  This includes English, Western, and Driving although many workshops are generic and would be of interests to coaches and riders in any discipline.  AEF lists a number of workshops being offered in Alberta along with information on the coaching certification programs.  The seminars are prepared for national use, so the content is the same across Canada.
Equine Canada Resources administered through the PSO (AEF)

Equestrian & Coach Development Courses

TIER 1: Introductory Modules (NCCP Basic Program 2-day course)

1.  Equestrian Teaching and Learning

2.  Planning an Equestrian Lesson

3.  Analyzing Reginner Equestrian Performance

4.  Making Ethical Decisions in the Equestrian Environment


TIER 2:  Introduction to Competition Modules

NCCP Competition Coach Modules (2-day course)

1.  Designing an Equestrian Sport Prograam (yearly training plans)

2.  Managing an Equestrian Sport Program

3.  Training Mental Skills for Equestrian Sport

Other Courses

1.  Analyzing Performance for Competition (English, Western, Saddle Seat)

2.  Competition Specialist Clinics (Eventing, Jump, Dressage, Reining, Speed Events, Western General Performance)

3.  Athlete Preparation Clinic (Eventing athletes: training plans, rules & requirements)


TIER 3:  Advanced Modules

1.  Equine Clean Sport (medications, drug testing requirements)

2.  Developing Athletic Abilities (human euqestrian athlete)

3.  Developing Athletic Abilities (equine athlete)

4.  Performance Planning for High Performance (advanced training plans)

5.  Advanced Practice Planning (lesson planning)

6.  Training and Planning for Equine Injury Prevention & Recovery

7.  Analyzing Advanced Equine Performance

8.  Managing Equestrian High Performance Sport (insurance and nutrition)


      1. If you are interested in any of the EC seminars, check the AEF website "Coaching" or contact Erin  Lundteigen at AEF.  These courses can be offered in other locations in Alberta if there is sufficient interest.

Alberta Coaches:


Calgary Area/ADA

Sue Hewton-Waters
English Level 2 coach
Ph. 403-990-9704

Monica McNaught
Ph. 403-568-4282h or 403-280-3377b
Qualifications: EC/NCCP Level 1 Dressage coach and Dressage Freestyle developer (Levels 1-4)
Location: Delacour, NE of Calgary
Samantha Pritchard
Ph. 403-899-9535
Location: Cochrane, AB
Qualifications: English Level 1
Sandra Oxtoby
Ph. 403-969-8292
Location: Edmonton and Calgary Area
Qualifications: EC Competition Coach, NCCP, CL, Tr,B, 3rd, PSG, Shown to FEI PSG & I1
Sheri Dumonceaux
Horizon Equestrian Centre
Centerline Success
Ph. 403-542-8677
Shelley Malbeuf
Ph. 403-305-2685
Qualifications: Level 3 NCCP Dressage coach
Allegra Hohm
Contact allegra@ualberta.caWebsite allegrahohmdressage.comPhone 780-965-4646
Working towards NCCP specialist certification
Qualifications: Trained and competed to FEI Intermediate I

Chinook Country/ADA (Lethbridge & southern Alberta)

Lorraine Hill  
Contact:    Locale: Southern Alberta  
Qualifications: English Level 2, English Mentor, MLF (dressage specialty)

Parkland Area/ADA (Red Deer area)

Edmonton Area/ADA



Kim Zibrowski
Ph. 780-298-5136
Qualifications: Dressage to Prix St.George & Hunter/Jumper
Sharon Merkel-Beattie
Ph. 780-458-3735
Fax. 780-419-3867
NCCP Level 3 Dressage Coach
Training to Grand Prix
Located Sturgeon County - Edmonton Area
Norma Jean Clayton
Phone: 780-850-0305
Location: Sherwood Park
Qualifications: shown to Grand Prix
Sandra Oxtoby
Ph. 403-969-8292
Location: Edmonton and Calgary Area
Qualifications: EC Competition Coach, NCCP, CL, Tr,B, 3rd, PSG, Shown to FEI PSG & I1
Sheila Wilson
Sherwood Park
Ph. 780-554-6717


Dr.major,Cli,3rd,Adv,LH(up to 4th level),

working on Coaching Specialist Certification 

Allegra Hohm
Phone 780-965-4646
Working towards NCCP specialist certification
Qualifications: Trained and competed to FEI Intermediate I

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