A Dressage Competition Handbook is provided to EC Sport Licence holders who identify dressage or para-dressage as their primary discipline. If an individual becomes or renews their EC sport licence before the deadline (typically around the first of April), and indicates dressage or para-dressage as their primary discipline, they are mailed out a copy of the Dressage Competition Handbook at no charge sometime in April

If you do not have an EC sport licence, Dressage Competition Handbooks can be purchased through the E-store at Equestrian Canada. Go to equestrian.ca, click on SHOP in the upper right-hand corner, and then scroll down to Manuals and Rulebooks. The 2020 copies are not yet available. The pricing for 2020 should be similar to 2019; i.e. around $15 plus shipping and handling of $12 per copy plus tax.

CADORA (Canadian Dressage Owners and Riders Association) also publishes an annual CADORA Omnibus which contains the up-to-date dressage tests as well as a plethora of other information for dressage riders. You can access this publication from the CADORA website at http://www.cadora.ca/


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