The 2019 Mane Event is coming soon! It is scheduled for April 26-28 at the Westerner in Red Deer. As usual, the organizers have recruited a topnotch Dressage clinician in the person of Canada’s own Jaimey Irwin, a very successful high performance rider and coach from Ontario. The ADA would like to encourage our members to apply to ride in a dressage session with Jaimey at this year's Mane Event. The dressage sessions are approximately one hour each with usually 2 or 3 riders in each session. The sessions are held in a large arena with an audience and the clinician will not only be focused on the riders, he will be addressing the audience as well. It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase what you and your horse have accomplished together in your partnership and at the same time learn something new from an elite rider and coach.

If you are an ADA member (i.e. if you belong to any of the area dressage groups in Alberta), and you apply and are selected to ride with Jaimey at the 2019 Mane Event, the ADA will support selected riders by paying the lesson fee of $100.00 as well as stabling for either one day ($50.00) or the weekend ($95.00). In order to apply to ride, please go to , follow the links to the clinic rider application form, and submit your application by March 22, 2019. Please note a youtube video is required as part of the application. If you are selected to ride in one of Jaimey’s dressage sessions you will be contacted by the Mane Event organizers by early April.

If you are selected, it would be much appreciated if you could use a white dressage pad, white polo wraps or boots, wear white breeches and braid your horse as is appropriate for dressage clinics.

Also, if you are selected to ride, the Mane Event will provide you with a day pass for the day of your clinic. However, if you require additional passes for anyone who is accompanying you that day, you must personally pay Mane Event for those extra passes.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, a phone number and email address for the Mane Event office are on their website as part of the clinic rider application form.

Thank you for considering applying to ride with Jaimey at this year’s Mane Event and we hope to see you there!

Best regards,
ADA Board of Directors

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