The Alberta Dressage Association will consider requests for funds to support Non-Area Group Hosted Dressage Shows in 2022. Funds will be budgeted to support Alberta dressage shows hosted by individuals and groups as outlined in the attached application form.

Click Here for More Information including the Application Form

Click here to learn more about the  Alberta Youth Dressage Development Program which benefits all riders between the ages of 6- 25!

ADA is pleased to launch the Lifetime Achievment and Recognition Awards Program November 1, 2020.

ADA encourages dressage supporters and participants to display this poster at equestrian venues. Click Here to Download the Poster.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Achievement Award Description (click here)

Achievement Award Application (click here)

Lifetime Recogniton Award

Recognition Award Description (click here)

Recognition Award Application (click here)

ADA was officially registered as an organization in 1985. Prior to and since its inception, there have been many supporters and riders who have contributed to the success of dressage in Alberta. ADA would like to acknowledge these people.

All of these documents are also available on the FAQs and Forms Page.

Qualifying Scores for Alberta Provincial Championships

To qualify for the ADA Provincial Dressage Show, a horse/rider combination must get two technical test scores at EC Gold Level show(s) as follows:

3rd Level or under – 60.000% and over on 2 technical tests

4th Level or above – 55.000% and over on 2 technical tests

  • The scores can be at the same or different EC Gold shows with the same or different judges.
  • Qualifying scores can be accumulated at any EC Gold shows after the Alberta Dressage Provincial Championship Show for the previous year
  • Scores can be from either Regular Level/Division classes or TOC (Test of Choice).
  • For verification of scores, proof of the qualifying scores must accompany your entry form for the Alberta Provincial Championship Show.

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